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Backoffice Assurance Audits

Backoffice assurance audit handles the transactions in CRM and the issues, requests or complaints raised by the customers through written communication and web chats instead of direct calls. Regular checks and audits of these transactions help to analyze the current status of the functions being performed by the organization and their overall impact on customer experience. The key insights of this process identify the effectiveness of customer complaint, CSAT/NPS triggers, TAT and frequent complaint drivers within the organization.

Backoffice audit services also analyze inter functional cooperation among the employees for handling issues, requests, complaints or enquiry emails on time to provide quick service with personalized experience. It also keeps a check on closing the loop of any issue raised by the customers.

How do we do Backoffice Assurance Audits?

QDegrees is here to help the organizations conduct backoffice audit that provides valuable insights to the companies to deliver proper business functioning and customer satisfaction.

Before conducting any audit, there is a need for a well-defined plan with a set objective and attributes depending on the current business needs. We provide end to end customer experience consultant service. It begins with fetching random emails, complaints or requests which are observed and analyzed to find out the root cause and gaps responsible for issue occurrence.

Audit insights and details are properly documented and shared with the client to work on the revealed gaps and glitches in the process. Regular monitoring of transactions helps in reducing errors and provides a proactive approach to avoid repeated issues.

On the basis of evaluation, QDegrees suggests areas for improvement and recommends strategic action plans.

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