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End to End Process Analysis – The Know How

On 27 Jun, 2019 | No comments

--By Shrishti Giri--

End to end in simple terms is the analysis of any process right from the scratch to the finish and even beyond. Bringing out the minutest detail in every segment of any organizational process, be it small or a long one. It has become one of the important strategies wherein it is genuinely required to capture the moments of truth and understand what the customers are going through actually. Ensuring excellent customer experience involves the check on each and every touchpoint and the process behind it, interactions and relationships with the customers. End to end process analysis is about seeing a bigger picture than considering a specific segment.

Automation and end to end process analysis

Gone are the days when the goals for any business were based on assumptions and non-scorable data. In the era of big data and loads of information, tech driven solutions have paved their way to derive in- depth insights represented in the form of dashboards. These dashboards are a cumulative representation of graphs, pie charts and proper visuals that give a score basis which further findings and actionable is decided. And to add more, technology has made the entire process of capturing end to end experience much quicker, easier and impactful.

An overall customer experience displayed in clear numbers that can be easily understood and shows the exact value whether your customer’s are happy, sad or in between these two, is a much appreciated approach. All thanks to the aware customers and the rise of various touchpoints.

How does end to end process analysis work?

Be it shopping from a store, ecommerce platform, booking for a service on call or online, ticket reservations, food ordering etc. every service has several touchpoints with their own criteria, processes and customer handling at each one, decides the success. There are possibilities that your customer had a brilliant experience at your restaurant while eating but got into an issue at the time of paying the bill, analysing these small and big interactions and resolving the problems at every level ensures that the experience is taken care of end to end.

Not only the pre-defined touchpoints, even the time intervals between any two touchpoints can give a moment of experience. For example the lone time between food ordering and food being served on table. Restaurants today have integrated various amusement activities, games and focus on ambience to ensure a complete lively experience to the customers, such that they do not feel bored in between. Catering to these small moments from the beginning to end and integrating them gives a bigger picture and more possibilities to improve the customer experience end to end. This is possible only when a particular process is taken care of from the beginning to end.

In the end…

End to end process analysis provides wide opportunities and ways to reach out to the customers and be proactive in fulfilling their expectations. If they have experienced a certain glitch in the process, analysis ensures that they do not go through it over again, in fact, it imbibes proactivity such that the customers do not have to tackle that glitch ever. QDegrees comes with the expertise of in house consultants and tech-driven solutions to enable the organizations in evaluating processes end to end with a robust report, focusing on how the processes can be molded in order to offer the best customer’s experience.

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