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How to Deliver Brilliant Omnichannel Experience?

On 31 Dec, 2018 | No comments

--By Shrishti Giri--

As the number of communication channels increase, the need for delivering the same services on all the channels has grown exponentially. From brick and mortar stores to online channels every platform needs to be consistent and capable enough to deliver the same quality of service. The biggest challenge which enters the scenario is- seamless customer experience. Are customers experiencing the same when they switch from one channel to other? Many studies and market research surveys convey that most of the customers either check for the products at the store, and buy it online or vice versa, this means they expect to find the same products and services on all the platforms. Time and again there are complaints wherein the customers have to notify every new customer support executive about the problem from the beginning just because the processes are not omnichannel or integrated with each other.

This situation calls for making the processes customer-centric by connecting and integrating each and every touchpoint together. Customers deal with brands no more with individuals, they expect while dealing with representative that S/he is aware of every details and status of their interactions. Two critical factors to achieve Omnichannel customer experience – focus on customers and reducing customer effort.

Responsive Website

How many of us use mobile for surfing websites? Almost all of us. People use mobile more than laptops or other systems to reach out to any app, website or ecommerce marketplace. Now, if any website is not mobile friendly, it does not fit on the screen, is complex to operate on phone or is slow in loading, then that website or business is losing its maximum customers. Omnichannel experience means building the best environment for customers on each and every touchpoint and website is one of the major touchpoints.

Social media response time

Almost everyone who surfs the internet has a social media account. It is easy to reach out to the companies or brands and complain, enquire or give feedback on social media platforms. Customers today have the power and they know it, one bad experience can make them share it publicly. So, it’s the responsibility of the organization to respond to customer queries on time. Most of the customers require the answers within the span of 30 min or less, after that they feel neglected which can lead to frustration and ultimately increase the churn.

Being Proactive is the new customer service

What customers are looking for is a proactive approach by the businesses to understand their needs. Customers mostly try to visit the website of the brand for information/complaint resolution instead of reaching out to any customer support representative. The information available on the website is the first source which the customers look for. How  updated and to the point is the information defines the experience.


Chatbot is a perfect add-on for a great customer service because the visitors can get their queries solved immediately while navigating the pages of the website or app. These bots are AI driven can act proactively and pose relevant queries based on the Browsing pattern. This improves the customer experience and also contribute in reducing customer efforts which is the ultimate goal to achieve happy customers and create a good omnichannel experience.

Emails are still friendly

There are many customers who find it easy to send an email rather than calling or chatting regarding the queries and feedback. Responding them within TAT is important. Marketing or customer support using Email as channel is not dead, it is still the most widely used way for the organizations to connect with their customers and vice versa. An acknowledgement in absence of solution to the problem makes the customers feel special and cared for.

In the end…

Omnichannel customer experience is created by ensuring the same service quality and continuity on all the channels. Besides being there for the customers everytime and everywhere they try to reach out to you, it’s important to integrate all these touchpoints.

Customers today have infinite choices at equally reasonable prices and even better quality, hence delivering excellent customer experience across all the channels is the key to make a difference and to make them feel you know them.

As 2018 comes to a close and we step into the new year, let's bring in customer delight and create seamless customer journeys through omnichannel reach.

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