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Role of Quality In Customer Service Industry

On 13 Nov, 2017 | No comments

The ever changing dynamics of business and the evolving customer are the biggest challenges in front of any business firm in the space of consulting and market research.

While the dynamics of business is impacted by the forces inside the organization as well the external business environment, the evolving customer preferences and sentiments is something a company needs to tap to be successful in the long run. A service provided to a customer is an event which has a limited life span, however, it’s not a high expectation from a customer if he seeks the same service again with the same level of performance and quality attributes. The aim of this article is to explore how quality plays an important role in the customer service industry.

Understanding Quality

While different authors and experts have provided formal definitions of quality, in my opinion, quality is an experience. It’s that ‘aha’ or ‘wow’ moment which leaves a footprint in the memory of the consumer or the customer which allows him to make a repeat purchase of that product or service. Though quality is subjective and a notion of achieving perfection and each one of us will have its own meaning, it is yet measured and quantified in terms of number of defects or deviations on the agreed standards and performance measures.

Quality and Customer Behavior

As a customer whenever we seek to purchase any service, the very first interaction with any touch point, be it a website, or an interaction with the sales person on phone creates an impression of quality in the mind. We start judging the offering on the basis of communication or the interaction we are having that touchpoint. As we start engaging with the company to get the service, we develop some more nodal points in the memory which start triggering an experience chain reaction. This reaction then forms the biases in our minds and influences the purchase or usage of that particular service. The customer’s expectations then start differing from the initial requirements and as the process continues and more information is collected by the mind of the customer, the customer behavior towards service procurement changes. Assuming a purchase has been done, each interaction with the deliverables of work creates an impression of quality and either strengthens or deteriorates the beliefs of the customer which then impact the overall customer satisfaction levels.


Given the complexity of human mind and lot of information available around us, it becomes important for the companies to choose an appropriate channel and create an experience which is ever lasting and builds a rapport with the future buyer. Unless an experience is created for the customer meeting not just the requirements but adding value to what the customer requires, there will always be issues meeting the quality standards.

The quality is an experience, it is a memory which gets built with each engagement your customer has!

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