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Customer Experience Trends in 2018

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Customer Experience Trends in 2018

Beyond digitalization, customers are expecting much more from the brands and organizations. As technology, living standards and day to day life are upgrading, similarly, customer experience trends are also varying time and again. Not only the ways of communication but many other factors related to customer experience have changed and will continue to change in the coming years.

Here’s a glimpse of customer experience trends in 2018:

Customer Feedback Survey

Many companies send a customer feedback form after every interaction and forget to respond to their suggestions and queries. If this activity is performed continuously, it leads to the collection of unused feedback and often makes the customers feel irritated. This trend of getting feedback forms filled is diminishing to avoid customer effort and annoyance. Companies must work on the already collected data and provide effective solutions to their customer queries to improve customer experience, as your customers are looking for a foolproof solution.

Voice Recognition

Dealing with customers through written communication has taken a back seat with the advent of speech analytics. The rise of Amazon Echo and Google Home has made people comfortable in interacting with the digital products using natural voice interface. Companies need to focus on speech recognition to provide proper insights.

Personalized Experience

Leads will convert only when they get information relevant to them. Our next generation won’t be spammed with useless mailers and messages because accepting irrelevant stuff in the form of large content is nothing but wastage of time and we all know time is a crucial element for everyone. If you are not providing simplified and personalized services to save your customer’s time then someone else will get a chance to take them away from you. Each and every customer must feel as if he/she is the only customer you have.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality creates an environment according to the needs of your customers. For example, there are some fashion brands that have created worlds where customers can shop and try apparels virtually. Brands like Wayfair have provided virtual view in 3D where customers can visualize their favourite furniture in their house and decide accordingly whether they want to buy it or not. Augmented reality is enhancing customer experience to a much higher level as it provides a detailed and more realistic idea of anything they would want to buy.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation or RPA will soon take over both the back and front office to provide a better, accurate and a prompt system. This innovative technology will definitely enhance productivity by helping the customer service agents to be more focused on dealing with the customers than wasting time on navigating the system and searching every customer detail. System automation also helps in avoiding mistakes due to manual data entry hence reducing manual work.

Need of hiring Data Scientists/Analysts

Understanding and making complete use of the available data to identify actual customer needs and queries is necessary in today’s scenario. Customer service teams need professional data scientists and analytics tools to make genuine sense of the data to learn what the customers want to say, enquire and complain about. As customers are more inclining towards digital conversations, hence, companies need to hire such data professionals if they want to strengthen their digital strategies.

Not only these, there are many other trends which have evolved or are evolving to define detailed customer experience in each and every field. Understanding your customer and improving the experience lifecycle must be the aim of every industry. To survive in this ever-changing customer world, you need to be prompt and accurately responsive.

This is the need of the hour!

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