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SentimarQ- A Solution to Know Your Customers’ Sentiments Better

On 21 Nov, 2018 | No comments

--By Shrishti Giri--

The digital ecosystem witnesses various interactions of customers with brands and organizations. Interpreting and understanding emotions from the consumer generated text content is known as sentiment analysis. People share their views in the form of comments on social media, online review portals and chat forums which become the major source to measure their sentiments and emotions towards a brand.

Sentiment analysis service is one of the major processes to bring delight to the customer experience which is the priority for every business today. It is not only about extracting, identifying and categorizing the sentiments on the basis of positive, negative and neutral but it is also about focusing on people at a moment of indecision. Automated solutions and technological expertise are important but the real insight into customers’ sentiments and emotions involves muscles and brains too.

How do we work on customers’ sentiments?

Sentiment Analysis, also known as opinion mining helps companies to understand their customer better and to make this possible there is a need for a foolproof model integrated with both technology and manual expertise.

-SentimarQ is our in-house built solution that is a perfect blend of features required to assess customer sentiments and the pain points accurately.

-Besides analyzing the data extracted from social media platforms, it also works on customer reviews gathered through internal CSAT programs and NPS survey, email, webchats, custom texts etc. provided by the organizations.

-With the help of advanced machine learning algorithms, data mining and text analytics, the solution carries text categorization, customer feedback segmentation and calculates the accurate sentiment score of a particular brand.

SentimarQ is designed exclusively to transform the unstructured and raw text into a rich and insightful source of hidden customers’ voice and their point of view. The final result of the research and analysis becomes the creator of new strategies, their execution, ultimately enhancing customer experience.

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