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TATA is Building a Cheaper ZARA- A Leap Towards Enhancing Customer Experience

On 03 Jul, 2019 | No comments

--By Shrishti Giri--

We all have been listening to this buzz for a while now and are happy enough as the salt to software conglomerate, TATA, has promised all the latest runway styles to our wardrobe in just 12 days. ZARA business model states the fastest delivery of apparels directly from the drawing board to store shelves and now TATA Trent has come up to fulfil this criterion that too in much cheaper rates for the Indian customers.

According to TATA ‘The middle class is growing, incomes have grown, Indians are travelling more and they have more money to spend.’ As the Indians are accepting a more standardized living with better facilities, TATA’s move to setup cheaper stores working on ZARA’s business model is a giant leap towards enhancing the customer experience.

Behind the idea!

The idea is the result of all analysis, research and capabilities. The analysts behind this new venture have figured out the changing and grooming fashion choices of people due to increased access towards the internet, mobile phones and various fashion blogs. People are updated with each and every trend today and like to try out new fashion every now and then. TATA has come forward to cater to these ever growing customers with more than they expect.

What’s in it for TATA?

TATA Trent is a better fit for the customers because it provides more value proposition as stated by TATA. The renowned fashion store Trent, is hiring employees who understand the fashion, are capable enough to pick the latest styles and introducing 300 new styles across its stores each week. It spends 65% more on personnel per square foot than its Indian competitors. Even the analysts working for Trent’s stock recommend buying it. The stock has advanced 13% this year as compared to other Indian fashion retail chains. As the space for setting new stores creates a problem in congested cities, and the competition with local rivals TATA looks at all these issues with one solution, and that is trendiness. To make it happen it’s working to make its fast fashion supply chain even faster.

What’s in it for customers?

Latest styles and trends at a cheaper cost! Cost has always been a major deciding factor for any kind of shopping for customers, especially in India. But as they are changing their living standards and focusing more on getting better quality of services, products and more, they are ready to pay. TATA has come up with this venture to exceed customer expectations by valuing customers’ money spent on every attire. Their expectations are to put on the best clothes and TATA Trent is on it to make it happen.

In the end…

TATA has unfolded its model saying that its stores will not have any attire costing more than $15 and this is quite commendable when it comes to renowned brands selling their products without any heed to the cost.

Indian ZARA is in making and we cannot wait for it as now high fashion will be available at a low cost. What could be better than this!

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