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Updated Guide of Customer Advocacy in 2022

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Updated Guide of Customer Advocacy in 2022

Businesses today are realising that customers are the gateway to building a bigger, better, and more loyal customer base. This is why it is more important than ever for businesses to focus on customer needs and give more reasons to the customers to stay loyal to the brand, and sell your products and services in the form of advocacy. Providing amazing customer experience through more than just products is the key to successful customer advocacy.

Importance of Customer Advocacy

Satisfied and happy customers automatically become advocates for a brand or business. They often recommend the brand of their liking to their friends and family members, share their experiences of the product, and encourage them to buy from the same brand. A simple share on social media platforms, a referral conversation, and reply to a compliment is all it takes to be part of customer advocacy.

Another way in which this kind of marketing technique works is through NPS Survey Platforms. These platforms are widely used for surveying customer satisfaction by generating forms with a standard and predefined questionnaire that measures your customers’ likelihood of recommending your brand or your products and services to their friends and relatives. For this, you can invest in some of the best NPS solutions in India, and keep a track of how your customer base responds to your brand, your products, and your marketing techniques.

Successful cases of Customer Advocacy


One of the most popular streaming services these days is Netflix. Let’s think about the number of times we recommended a Netflix original  show or movie to someone, or have heard someone say that they recently subscribed to Netflix to watch a particular series. The popularity of Netflix among its viewers, and its wide range of content to choose form a loyal customer base. The customer service and experience it provides to its users has been commendable, and every year the number of subscribers keeps increasing, owing to its content and marketing techniques, including customer advocacy.


Another great example of a brand using this technique is Samsung. 8 out of 10 Android users are Samsung customers, and then they will go on to tell you how great their user experience has been with it. It also has one of the best CXM services in India, making it a very desirable option for the users. Having a loyal and ever-increasing customer base like that of Samsung depends significantly on focusing on customer experience and their advocacy of th brand to others.


When talking about customer advocacy, Nykaa is another great example, which has emerged as one of the biggest companies in India in 2022. Within 10 years of its launch, it has managed to bring in a plethora of customers, and these customers are helping Nykaa bring in just as many. Its care for the customer experience and preferences has made it a household name.


This decade started with a trend of social media collaborations between companies and customers, which has proven to be beneficial for both the parties involved. Such campaigns promote the business and the product very effectively. The influence that one existing customer can have over another potential customer shouldn't be undermined, and this is why it is very important to focus on customer experience. For this, you can rely on the best CXM services in India to help you expand your business and your customer base.

Customer advocacy is the trend and the way to go in 2022, and using NPS Survey Platforms makes it easier for you to know where your company or brand stands in the market when it comes to your customers recommending your products or services to others.

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