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Will Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Matter in 2022?

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Will Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Matter in 2022?

The world is moving towards a digitized reality with the usage of phones and laptops increasing by the day. There are more people on social media platforms today than have ever been before. Consequently, more brands have extended to a digital presence alongside their offline establishment.

That’s why digital customer experience (DCX), like offline CX services in India, has become an equally essential point of focus for companies. A survey held in 2021 showed that one of the best companies that managed to keep up their digital CX services despite the pandemic was HDFC Bank. The results were based on three main CX components: Effectiveness, Ease, and Emotion.

Keeping up your net promoter score (NPS) in the market has become challenging since it is effortless for users to merely switch to another digital channel from yours if yours fails to retain their attention. According to the NPS survey in India, the rating of a customer from 1 to 10 determines how his/her relationship is with the company. The higher the score, the better the CX, hence, better the chances of word-of-mouth marketing from that customer.

Digital Customer Experience for the future

DCX involves a lot of front-end as well as back-end processing of the data collected from various websites on user activity through artificial intelligence algorithms. It ranges from observing customer behavior on your social media channel to extracting insights to predict their purchase choices.

There are two components involved in this strategy – X-data (experience data) and O-data (operational data). X-data comprises the study of all possible factors that govern human mannerisms. On the other hand, O-data is the analytics you carry out on your company’s performance in the market in all domains. As a combination, the robust resultant DCX strategy can help you align your brand around your audience.

Key factors that matter DCX in 2022

Brand Awareness

Online, all channels are interlinked. If, as a customer, you come across a Facebook post on a brand, it is highly likely that you will also look up its online website, Instagram handle, or LinkedIn profile to check for brand consistency before diving into its services. That’s why the brand awareness you spread across all platforms must be in sync for maintaining authenticity, adding to the digital customer experience.

The National Geographic TV show has excelled in this aspect. With 3.4M followers on LinkedIn and 206M followers on Instagram, it portrays a solid brand image that its customers immediately connect with.


You need to be constantly updated about current market trends, latest customer preferences, competitor strategies, and digital marketing advancements. For example, Uber collects customer feedback about the vehicle, driver, destination, and fare after every ride to keep in check whether their DCX aligns with their consumer base.

External Appearance

Did you know that a website visitor makes about 75% of his/her judgment of the brand’s authenticity based on what the user interface looks like? DCX involves components like user interface, chatbot interaction, visually attractive graphics, legible fonts, creative images, crisp text, etc. From your social media presence to your billboard advertisements, everything will contribute to the brand image your customers will remember as part of their CX.

Support Services

Digital CX services in India include live chat support systems, interactive voice response (IVR) telephonic services, customer care via automated messaging features, and query resolution facilities within the app itself. Every step of the journey, the efficiency of your real-time customer engagement operations and support services will play a significant role in your overall digital customer experience.


Customer service in India has grown to encompass offline and online aspects of customer experience. In fact, around 70% of all CX executives agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way they treat the digital transformation of their brand. Thus, with the current speed of adoption of a more digital front for brands worldwide, digital customer experience will undoubtedly matter in 2022 and the years ahead.

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