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Work Stress & Meditation

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As the proverbial saying goes:
“You are at work for long time, so you better enjoy what you do.”

But today, it is sad to know that people are in such working environment where they have to increase their capacity to work and have to deal with “not so cooperative” co-workers and ever reducing deadlines.
Moreover besides this we have a pressure of our own desires. Big house, personal car, luxury holidays etc. are some other element amplifying stress.

“Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there”  -Eckhart Tolle

But what to do?

Let me help:
1) keep fulfilling your desires by working under stress
2) leave the job, stay home. No car, no house, no lavish lifestyle.


Let me help you again by adding one more option to it…..3) “MEDITATION

It has been found and proved by various institutes and organisations that meditation plays a very important role in diminishing stress up to a significant level. Also the organizations where mediation is a regular practice have been able to create a healthy work environment, more engaged & efficient employees and fruitful working.

Now question arises “When?”
Morning? “I have to go office.”
Evening? “We should give time to family and friends.”
Night? “Tired.” “Partying.”
Early morning? “Can’t wake up man.”


Mediation is not a tedious process.
Giving hours to work and people seem normal and taking out just 15 minutes twice a day for yourself or let me correct,” to benefit yourself” seems impossible?

No right?
Meditation is just not limited to just sitting in a low light room or following a certain technique.
It’s not important how to meditate, but it is important that you do meditate.
1) Close your eyes and take long deep breaths whenever you have time, or when you feel the pressure of work.

2) For a while keep other thoughts away from you and think about yourself, talk to yourself.

3)  Load of work? Can’t figure out things?  Stop for a moment. Close your eyes and analyse your strength, think how you will  be doing it and motivate yourself that “Yes, I can do it.”

3) Take 5-10 minutes of break and take a walk around.

4) Listen to music. There are lots of mind-relaxing music available on the internet. Trust me they heal magically.

5) Plan group mediation twice or thrice a week.

“The goal of Meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, It is to stop letting them control you.” – Unknown

What are you waiting for? START NOW !!!

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