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Call center audits

Get a detailed report of your call center service experience


our partnership approach

Call center audits are conducted to examine and identify the areas of improvement in call center operations of any organization/partner. Many organizations today are involving specialized partners to carry out call center audits and evaluate the findings. In order to deliver better strategic planning and execution, QDegrees offers these services with a well-defined plan.

Setting the objective and parameters accordingly

Auditing by skilled auditors

Incorporating scientific sampling methodologies

Productive insights into customer handling and exception finding


Kind of issues faced by the customers

Overall health of customer service management

Improvisation of customer facing operations

Training Need Identification (TNI)

We begin with setting the objective according to business requirements that are checked for both recorded and live calls.

We make sure to evaluate organizational interdependencies, optimizing operations, staff performance and successful implementation of new business initiatives.

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