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Call Center Audits

Call center audits are conducted to examine and identify the areas of improvement in call center operations of any organization/partner. Not only does call center audit checks the quality of the calls between the organization and customer but it also helps to understand the kind of issues faced by the customers, capability of the staff to handle all the issues and the overall health of customer service management. It is a process that specifically paves a way to get a useful insight into how to improve customer facing operations including benchmarking against competitors.

Businesses need to understand that call center audit is one of the useful ways to enhance customer service operations. From finding out organizational interdependencies, optimizing operations; evaluating staff performance to helping in successful implementation of new business initiatives, call center audit program is necessary to build delightful customer experience.

Conducting call center audits

Many organizations today are involving specialized partners to carry out call center audits and evaluate the findings. In order to deliver better strategic planning and execution, QDegrees offers these services with a well-defined plan. We begin with setting the objective and parameters according to business requirements that are checked for both recorded and live calls. Audits are performed by skilled auditors who incorporate scientific sampling methodologies for end to end process analysis by checking the service and customer experience throughout the call and roll out productive insights into customer handling. We also strive to find out exceptions and relevant outcomes that are translated into actionable strategies to eradicate issues and help in delivering better customer experience.

At QDegrees Services our team of call center solution experts helps you deliver better customer experience and maximize customer satisfaction. Contact us to get a foolproof report of your call center services.