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Transform Your
Customer Experience with Our Advanced Net Promoter Score Tool

Willing to assess customer loyalty and satisfaction? Why not! Capture Net Promoter Score (NPS), CES, CSAT, eNPS, and Calculate Sentiment Analysis using our SurveyCXM software.

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About SurveyCXM

SurveyCXM is a benchmark tool for measuring customer loyalty that tells you how your customers perceive the brand or the products you offer. Tool helps to capture:

  • Feedback through NPS, CES, CSAT, and more.
  • Advanced statistical analyses for actionable insights.
  • Dive deep with sentiment analysis and sales forecasts.
  • Understand the Voice of Customers and churn analysis.
  • Assessing the employees satisfaction with eNPS survey.
5 Mn Survey Trigger
18+ Delighted Clients
65+ MultiLingual Surveys
0.1 Mn Sentiment Analysis

Your All-in-one Customer Feedback Tool

Empower Your Customer Journey with Our Best-in-Class Net Promoter Score Solution

Attractive Surveys

Traditional survey forms are replaced with visually appealing, intitutive and customisable UI. To improve the user experience, SurveyCXM has been improved to produce Best in Class Visual Surveys or Customer Satisfaction Surveys.


Multilingual Surveys

Having more than one language in SurveyCXM enhances Customer Experience Management. Customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds feel acknowledged when allowed to choose their preferred language. This leads to more genuine feedback & enhancement of user engagement.


Ensure Service Recovery

Experience the power of pinpointing customer journey breakdowns using Root Cause Analysis. Our Net Promoter Score tool helps leveraging real-time alerts and support tickets to swiftly address issues, converting detractors into enthusiastic brand promoters.

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360° View

Empower senior management and stakeholders with a comprehensive, bird's-eye view using our 360° View feature. Gain valuable insights into overall performance, identify consumer trends, and track shifts in customer loyalty and purchasing behavior within your business.


Build Customer Loyalty

Our NPS tool employs sentiment analysis to effectively capture and analyze customer emotions. it helps to foster strong customer loyalty and trust in your customers, helping build lasting connections with your audience.

Social Media Integration

Incorporate digital trends into your customer insights with our SurveyCXM platform. By combining social media insights with your feedback strategy, you can gain a more holistic view of your customers' perspectives.


Unlock Customer Feedback with our
Net Promoter Score Tool

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