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Customer Experience

QDegrees takes a deep dive into the key areas that define a great customer experience & provide measurement framework to help the organizations keep track of how they measure up to their competitors.

Voice of Customer (VOC)

QDegrees ensures to develop and deploy an effective VOC (Voice of Customer) program based on specific organizational priorities and works directly with the teams to implement this program successfully.

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Net Promoter Score gives an insight into customer’s willingness to recommend particular brands or companies in their social circle. QDegrees Services helps the organizations to analyze the gaps in the processes and recommend effective suggestions to improve their NPS score.

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Omni channel

A deep insight into the customers’ experiences helps to build effective business processes that are customer-centric and cross-functional. Omni channel processes ease the customer journey by integrating digital, physical and mobile sales channels ensuring continuity during cross channel engagements.

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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a process to identify and categorize customers’ emotions as positive, negative or neutral from feedback or review given by them. QDegrees provides a unique sentiment analysis service model that ensures definite clarity of customer’s perception towards any product or service.

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Email Response Audit

Email Response audit provides assistance to the organizations in order to standardize their response given to the customers’ queries by customer email management team. We provide efficient service for improvising email content shared outside or within the organization.

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