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Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is an important process that helps the organizations and many secret shopper companies to step into customer’s shoes and understand their pain points. It is a way to find out from where the customers came to know about any business, how the organizations can improve customer experience and what all customers and prospects need, to complete a purchase successfully. To achieve all this, organizations must be ready with a foolproof customer journey analysis designed according to customer experience.

QDegrees is here to bring customer journey mapping process to reality and help the businesses connect with customers in a whole new way. Analyzing the complete journey of the customers helps to understand the route to sales, map potential hindrances and opportunities to enhance business. A perfect customer journey map also thrives to assure that the customer experience matches up to organization’s brand promise. It also safeguards future productivity by understanding the increasing number of touchpoints both offline and online.

Building effective customer journey maps

QDegrees captures customer base experience at all the stages of customer interaction with the organization and delivers meaningful outcomes. The objective to observe customer journeys is to analyze the market and to find out customer expectations and opportunity areas. The process begins right from customer’s first interaction in the purchase journey. QDegrees initiates the process by identifying the relevant customers who are personally interviewed at every touchpoint. Our team captures the moments of truth to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps and categorizes them accordingly. To help the organizations in improving their customer journey and overall customer experience QDegrees benchmarks the outcomes against competitors.

Customer Journey mapping leads the organizations to know their customers and market requirements. Prioritized outcomes provide a way to proceed with customer journey improvement.

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