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Email Response Audit

Email Response audit provides assistance to the organizations in order to standardize their response given to the customers’ queries by customer email management team. The process improves the content of the responses and increases the quality of communication. Customers today are looking for a quick and personalized response and better customer service; hence, companies need to make sure that their email management process must involve all the attributes necessary for delivering a polite and convincing reply.

Specialized service providers in email responses recommend solution after reviewing the replies that help organizations to find out missing parameters and work upon the same. They come to know about the loopholes in the communication which can be modified to enhance overall customer experience. Email response management service also gives an insight into the representative’s thought process and his knowledge about the process and product of the company or organization.

How do we improvise email content?

QDegrees provides efficient service for improvising email content shared outside or within the organization. Our team collects the data related to customer queries and checks the responses sent by the concerned representatives to those emails. The replies are analyzed against pre-defined parameters. We provide template modifications and even deliver a whole new template if required, based on the analyzed break points. The gaps are evaluated and notified for further improvements. QDegrees also makes sure to document all the emails and responses in order to provide prompt solutions and help the organizations in the long run.

A readable, polite and relevant response to the customers generates positive customer experience and builds trust between them and the organization. Therefore, an email is an important means of communication that needs to be well drafted before sharing.

If you are not sure how to improve your email communication with customers, QDegrees is here to help you. Ask for a demo or a call back from our consultants.