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Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a type of primary market research service in which the organization is evaluated by a mystery consumer or shopper to measure the company’s quality of service or to gather specific information regarding any product or service. It is an approach to provide simple yet relevant observations of staff and operations through the eyes of professional undercover shoppers sent by secret shopper companies.

Every industry needs to be evaluated according to its customer’s perspective. To get an unbiased customer response on store ambience, products, employee behavior and customer satisfaction, mystery shopper services provide a constructive insight. This service also helps in capturing latest market trends adding to market research.

Measure customer experience, retail compliance and staff performance

QDegrees provides robust mystery shopper or secret shopper service. Our process begins with the creation of proper beat plans aligning skilled auditors to respective locations which stand us more relevant from other mystery shopping companies. The auditors capture the insight secretly based on the provided parameters that are thoroughly checked and approved before final report submission. Store level scores and feedback help the client’s employees to understand the key areas and issues where they need to improve and enhance their knowledge. A detailed status report provided in the end enables to create an effective action plan and leads to process, product and people improvement.

Mystery shopping helps businesses to enhance their customers’ experience and provides them with more consistent and unbiased insight into the focus areas. Do you also want your staff performance to be evaluated by skilled auditors? Connect with QDegrees today!