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Customer satisfaction surveys are regularly conducted by the companies to gauge transactional customer experience and to confirm whether the customer is satisfied or not. But analyzing only the level of customer satisfaction is not enough in today’s competitive world. It is necessary to find out customers’ opinion about the brand as a whole.

Net Promoter Score gives an insight into customer’s willingness to recommend particular brands or companies in their social circle. Customers rate the brand on a scale of 1 to 10 and are categorized as promoters, passive and detractors according to the ratings followed by the calculation of final NPS score. It decides how successful is the brand to retain customers and how much are they loyal to that particular brand. Gauging customer loyalty for any organization is indeed a necessary part of today’s evolving customer experience scenario and NPS helps in analyzing and improving the same.

Enabling organizations to improve Net Promoter Score

QDegrees Services helps the organizations to analyze the gaps in the processes and recommend effective suggestions to improve their NPS score. The final NPS score calculated can be good for a company and bad for the other. To understand NPS of any particular organization QDegrees also provides benchmarking against others in the same industry. We empower business processes to build satisfied and loyal customers.

Net promoter score is now being calculated by many companies to deliver the best omnichannel customer experience for continuous improvement. QDegrees understands customer value and the need of delightful customer experience. To know more, contact our consultants today!