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Find your customer’s opinion and measure their long term loyalty


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Gauging customer loyalty for any organization is indeed a necessary part of today’s evolving customer experience scenario and NPS/CSAT surveys help in analyzing and improving the same. Customer satisfaction surveys are regularly conducted by the companies to gauge transactional customer experience and to confirm whether the customer is satisfied or not. It can be both transactional and brand NPS/CSAT basis your requirement. Net Promoter Score gives an insight into customer’s willingness to recommend particular brands or companies in their social circle.

Customers rate the brand on an appropriate to a business

Categorization of customers basis their rating

Analyzing the output

Recommending effective suggestions to improve NPS score


Automated platform for feedback capturing(Call, Email, SMS, Online etc.)

Enabling the organizations to analyze the gaps in the processes

Providing benchmarking against others in the same industry

Building satisfied and loyal customers base

QDegrees Services helps the organizations to analyze the gaps in the processes and recommend effective suggestions to improve their NPS score.

To understand NPS of any particular organization QDegrees also provides benchmarking against others in the same industry.

We empower business processes to build satisfied and loyal customers.

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