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Primary Research

Primary market research involves collection of data directly from the real world. It is important for every organization as it gives an insight into fresh and unused data making the market research capabilities robust and worthy. It may be time consuming but if any organization needs to hear directly to its customers or even prospects then primary research is the best way to do it.

QDegrees Services understands the real worth of primary research and therefore provides services in creating a dialogue with target audience, collecting customer intelligence and converting it into an action plan. As this research is completely authorized by the organization itself hence, it belongs to the organization. The data derived from primary market research companies also compared with the secondary market research services data to justify facts as it is original and unique according to the industry standards, giving an edge over the competitors.

Methodology of primary research services

QDegrees uses various methods to collect relevant information helping businesses to build effective strategies. Direct Interviews with customers or prospects help in collecting the information directly from a small group with detailed and strong opinion over a subject. Besides this, QDegrees holds expertise in creating and conducting insightful and secured surveys that help to collect data from a larger group and develop an opinion about the thought process of maximum people. Regular Observations of the day to day occurrences in the world and analysis of collected data helps to figure out its impact on the businesses. We guide the organizations by categorizing the findings according to their requirements and helping them up to cope up with the rising market trends.

The content collected from primary market research can be organized in creating white papers and to develop new marketing and customer profiling strategies.

QDegrees has been working with prominent clients to enhance their market research. Let our professional researchers know about your business needs.