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Quality Assurance Audits

QDegrees provides solutions with standard and effective operating procedures that ensure excellence in quality assurance audits.

Call centre Audits

Call center audits are conducted to examine and identify the areas of improvement in call center operations of any organization/partner. Not only does call center audit checks the quality of the calls between the organization and customer but it also helps to understand the kind of issues faced by the customers, capability of the staff to handle all the issues and the overall health of customer service management.

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Backoffice Assurance Audits

Backoffice assurance audit handles the transactions in CRM and the issues, requests or complaints raised by the customers through written communication and web chats instead of direct calls.

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Social Media audits

Social media audits are conducted to check the overall customer concern handled by organizations on social media platforms. QDegrees provides social media audit services to enhance customer experience and offers customer satisfaction.

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