How Is Digital Media Impacting Customer Experience In 2022


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Digital Media impacting Customer Experience -

At the heart of every company is its customer base. Every company strives to make its customers the happiest in the market to retain them over the years. Customer experience in India is improving substantially due to the rise of healthy competition, the digital transformation of CX, and the quick adoption of AI into business strategies.

Digital media can enhance the entire brand interaction experience of a customer. Connecting with your audience through digital media can revamp the business from advertising to payment processing. According to Gartner, 56% of CEOs worldwide agree that adopting digital media into business strategies for customer experience services has led to eventual revenue growth.

THE FUSION          

The main reason behind many latest digital CX trends in 2022 based on artificial intelligence is digital media. It has many benefits that offline customer experience can never match, the simplest being a 24*7 connection with the brand. It is also the most powerful since it allows the company to meet customer expectations more quickly and efficiently.

Zomato India is a prime example of top-notch digital media customer service. Its food ordering application works efficiently and seamlessly carries out delivery operations, chat support, and order cancellation functionality. It even connects the payment platform to your bank account or UPI to automate payment processing. Zomato is also famous for its constant customer interaction and issue-resolution services on Twitter. It ensures that no aspect of customer experience remains dissatisfactory on its digital platforms. 


CX management across companies is best handled through Cloud services. It would mean that customers can access the company’s data, software, and user-end applications from anywhere in the world at any time. Pinterest[2] is one such company that utilizes cloud computing services to provide a space for users to save images they like and can later refer to from the website. It is widely popular amongst marketers and bloggers because of the simple yet efficient CX it offers.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have taken digital media to a new level. Business strategies in 2022 have evolved to include data science and analytical methods to derive interpretations from customer behavior to predict their next move and give them product recommendations. It works brilliantly with Netflix, whose recommendation system works on the vast user data it collects and processes.

Data-driven decision-making also works exceptionally well with the fitness industry. Gadgets that read your body’s activity and calculate how much exercise you need work well in the market because the customer experience they provide is unmatched by manual trainers.


Today’s technological advancements have led to the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). These revolutionary changes in our world have digitized every aspect of our being. They create alternate living spaces in intelligent machines to resemble human communication and emotions as closely as possible.

The world’s first metaverse customer care service was in Dubai. It focused on providing customers with a sensory-based interaction experience with the company to manage queries on health care services. Such robust real-time engagement boosts customer satisfaction levels by a tremendous amount.


Customer experience in India is improving every day. Ultimately, how happy your consumer base is with your brand depends upon what they feel while they exit your platform. Customers may not remember what activity they carried out on your application, but they will remember how your user interface, live chat support system, or transaction processing felt.

In other words, the more you focus on building your business strategy in 2022 around digital media, the more likely your audience will enjoy your services and recommend them to others.

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