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Drive greater CX with employee engagement and communication tool.

Employee Engagement Tool

With our interactive tool, attract, engage, nurture, and retain your customers.

  1. Offers managers with data and action planning.
  2. Increase employee engagement throughout the organization.
  3. Build trust by communicating consistently and transparently.

Interact and connect with your employees

Build trust with consistent and transparent communication.

  1. Maintain employee connections with a social intranet designed for distributed teams.
  2. Improve the manager-employee relationship.
  3. Regular gratitude, response, and communication.

Share Latest Post/Status Updates

Interactive Multimedia upgrades to boost productivity.

  1. Share photos, live videos, live webcasts, anniversaries, birthdays, and hashtags.
  2. Connect with the workforce with announcements for upcoming events.
  3. Make participation enjoyable by using likes, comments, and sharing.

Connect with Your Field Team Live

Bring your teammates onto a single digital platform to maintain the connections alive.

  1. Uphold your organization's culture alive and team spirit high.
  2. Improve employee engagement with real-time insights.
  3. Take data-driven actions to improve your engagement initiatives.

Get and Share Feedback/Instant Appreciation

Engage and develop employees to create high-performing teams.

  1. Transform employee feedback into actions that improve experiences.
  2. Collect regular feedback from your employees throughout the lifecycle to generate intelligent actionable insights.
  3. A modern interface provides a frictionless experience.

Keep track of Employee Satisfaction Trends

Engage, motivate, and retain your workforce.

  1. Learn what your employees think while maintaining their confidentiality.
  2. Capture continuous insights based on your company's needs using team management tools.
  3. Build a highly engaged workforce and measure the sentiments of employees.

Instant Reward & Recognition for Employees

Reward and recognize all of your employees to improve retention and productivity.

  1. Enhance your employee participation with points and rewards.
  2. Rewards earned can be redeemed instantly through payment channels.
  3. Boost the confidence and trust of your team by giving Kudos for their work.

Modern Software For The Cx Champion

Customer experience management that drives retention, engagement, and advocacy. Customer experience management that drives retention, engagement, and advocacy.