Blue-Collar Job Portals: Experience is the key differentiator


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The demand for Blue-collar workers, their demeanor, and the way they seek jobs have seen a complete turnaround over time. From the industrial revolution till the day, the sector has experienced gradual and continuous enhancements; whether it is in the technology used by job seekers & employers or the hiring criteria of a blue-collar worker. It is a regularly booming market segment. Presently there are 450 million blue-collar workers in India and constant advancements in artificial intelligence further shape their market horizons.

While looking for jobs earlier, blue-collar workers only had traditional sources like referrals, and some newspaper listings to rely on. Their expectations from jobs were also low. All this has changed with time. 

In the last 4-5 years, owing to the massive digitalization of all aspects of employment, the workers have become more self-reliant and confident. With the improvement in job-seeking methods, their expectations from jobs and employers have also risen. Blue-collar workers now, also focus on the extrinsic components of the job like security provisions, salary, rewards, and promotional opportunities. Given how important these workers are for the economy and the normal functioning of businesses, industries are working on methods to bring improvement in blue-collar employees' overall productivity and working standards.

There is no denial of the fact that daily tasks will be hindered if skilled workers aren’t available to the problem areas. Some profiles are more in demand as compared to others, given the change in the way people avail of some services. Aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, and other similar businesses hire a huge blue-collar workforce.


But the growing demand for blue-collar employees is leading to disorganization in the economy. Some even face the consequences already. Therefore, segregation has taken place based on the types of industries through the help of systematic job portals. These job portals deliver maximum results in gaining a positive customer experience for blue-collar workers, but there is a certain degree of scope for improvement.

Platform Preference of blue-collar employees for job seeking

Millions of people, especially from blue-collar jobs, have struggled with a difficult financial phase during the pandemic. The white-collar employees got easier access to online platforms for looking up new jobs. But the blue-collar workforce went for the unreliable mode of job hunting, which gave them no satisfactory results. The role of smartphones has enhanced the overall experience of daily life problems such as looking for jobs. With the introduction of blue-collar job portals, the workforce got the ease of applying to potential employers without the fear of getting defrauded. Now that job seeking has become convenient, some people are opting for blue-collar jobs as part-time gigs as well.