Growing Trends in Midnight Services


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Delivering a flawless customer experience and optimizing it is a complex and challenging task for businesses. This becomes all the way more interesting & intriguing for the industries that operate during non-working hours. Over time, there has been a change in the customer’s usage of midnight hour services. For instance, when it comes to certain sectors like food, and e-commerce, the customer is more inclined towards availing of these services during the night (12 am to 6 am). The Internet has played a major role here, thanks to the ease of access, communication, and reduction of efforts it provides.


While as a customer, most of us have availed of midnight services & we have our share of experience. So, QDegrees surveyed intending to dig deeper and get more insights into customers’ experiences and expectations while they avail of the midnight services. 


In a survey, we attempted to analyze the following:

        Customers’ reasons for availing of these services

        Major channels used for getting midnight services and expectations in terms of CX. 

        Businesses that lead this segment in their respective sectors

        New approaches used by businesses, if any.


Study Synopsis-     

Midnight Economy is flourishing –            

Basis the responses, a whopping 54% of customers use midnight services. To add to that, while 50% of people only use midnight services when actually in an emergency/need, 17% say they avail of these services weekly and a significant 16% of people do it daily. Travel (used by 29% of people) and food (29%) industry came out to be the most prominently availed for midnight services.


Midnight services have become a necessity, and why?

With respect to the food industry, it came out that 85% of people use online food delivery late at night and 10% dine out late at night. Eating out is an amazing experience, but nothing like midnight snacking on the couch while binge-watching.

Some interesting points that came out from the study are:

     Customers want after-hours food delivery if they're looking for something quick and easy to eat that won't require much preparation

     Additionally, this service is convenient for people who work late or are busy during the daytime. This service accommodates special dietary needs like gluten-free or vegan cuisine

     With so many convenient choices available today, after-hours food delivery seems the perfect way to satisfy hunger while staying healthy and fit.


In the travel industry, cab services have become valuable for customers who need transportation after hours, given that 83% of people trust them for the same. This is especially true if the customer needs to get to their workplace or another destination, outside of normal business hours.

Some common reasons why people require after-hours cabs include: when they are out with friends and don't want to drink and drive, when they are going to have an important meeting later in the evening, or when there is an unexpected event that has them stranded.