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Social Media audits

Give your customers a personalized experience by keeping an eye on your social platforms


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Social media audits are conducted to check the overall customer concern handled by organizations on social media platforms. With the advent of the internet and social media, customers and prospects find it easy to convey their opinion, request or complaint on these platforms which if not attended properly can degrade the organization’s reputation in no time. Therefore, to fulfill customer expectations, organizations need to be prompt and accurate to deliver delightful customer service online.

Identifying the comments and messages on social media

Comment Categorization as feedback, complaint or request

Capturing the TAT , tone and relevance of the response by the organization

Recommendation of effective suggestions to modify the response


Evaluate the efficacy or turnaround time, tone and context of the response

Gap analysis for improving the response

Opportunity to determine which type of responses are successfully retention or convincing them

Effective suggestions to deliver personalized experience

Social media audits are necessary for the organizations because their responses to the customers on digital platforms are publicly available and can be viewed by anyone.

It provides an opportunity to determine which type of responses resulting in detractors. It gives an honest glimpse of customer’s interaction with the organization and assesses current social media importance for the brands.

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