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UAT-User Acceptance Testing

Check the software/application capability to handle real world scenarios.


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UA testing or user acceptance testing is the last phase of any software or product testing process. Actual software users test the product to make sure that the final output is applicable to be rolled out in the real world.

Designing UAT strategy for the process

Preparation of test cases/levels or setting the parameters

Documentation with relevant comments and reporting

Marking the acceptance of the final product, process or service


Demonstrates the suitability of required business functions in real life scenarios

Making any service or product to fulfill user expectations

Helps in finding and fixing
the bugs

Creating a robust and ready to use product or service

User acceptance testing is one of the critical services that must take place in beta phase so that issues or bugs are fixed proactively before the products go live, to avoid risks and failure.

Every business wants to make sure that whatever they do must benefit their customers in every way and UA testing ensures it.

It improves quality and proficiency of product or service and eventually leads to acquisition of loyal customers.

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