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UAT-User Acceptance Testing

UA testing or user acceptance testing is the last phase of any software or service testing process. Actual software users test the product to make sure that the final output is applicable to be rolled out in the real world. User acceptance testing is one of the critical services. For instance in case of a mobile application development agency UAT must take place in beta phase so that issues or bugs are fixed proactively before the products go live, to avoid risks and failure.

Every business wants to make sure that whatever they do must benefit their customers in every way and UA testing ensures it. This process helps in demonstrating that the required business functions are suitable to work in the real world scenarios. It makes any service or product to fulfill user expectations and provide delightful customer experience.

Creating business functions applicable to real world scenarios

QDegrees provides user acceptance testing that helps in finding and fixing the bugs to create a robust and ready to use product or service. To deliver effective outcomes and recommendations a UAT strategy is decided before initiating the process. Testing begins after the preparation of test cases/levels or setting the parameters to test all the functions of the software or a particular process providing end to end process analysis. Bugs or issues are documented with relevant comments and reported to the concerned team for updates. After fixation the testing team marks the acceptance of the final product, process or service, hence, making it fit for use in the real world.

UAT improves quality and proficiency of product or service and eventually leads to acquisition of loyal customers.

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