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Voice of Customer

Voice of customer is a program that captures customer’s opinions through survey, calls or interviews and gives an insight into customer expectations and preferences for a particular service or a brand as a whole. Every organization needs to listen to its customers in order to improve customer experience. Customer’s perspective is important for the businesses to grow and this is where the need for VoC (Voice of Customer) Analysis plays an important role.

VOC analysis has become a mandatory program of every business as it helps in making strategic business decisions, process improvement and evaluating design of product or any service. Improved value or quality of product or service leads to cost savings and better customer relations.

Are you really listening to your customers?

QDegrees provides effective VOC solutions catering to diverse industries. We believe that every organization and industry has its own set of customers and work closely with every customer to create customized VoC (Voice of Customer) program. Data captured from VOC is also used to deliver sentiment analysis service which leads to proper understanding of customer sentiments. Our process initiates from analytics of customer views collected through calls, visits and digital platforms that result in identification of customers’ opinion. Root cause identification and gap analysis paves way to better recommendations and process improvement delivering a delightful customer experience.

QDegrees ensures to develop and deploy an effective VOC (Voice of Customer) program based on specific organizational priorities and works directly with the teams to implement this program successfully.

Acknowledging the importance of customer awareness and integrating it with every business operation provides value to customers and this is possible because of VoC.

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