5 Reasons Why Outsourcing To Call Centers Has Picked Up Post Covid

Jan. 11, 2023

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing To Call Centers Has Picked Up Post Covid

The BPO industry was already a formidable sector that included call centers as a vital offering. However, centres emic seems to have accelerated the adoption of call centres across multiple sectors. Between 2021 and 2028, the BPO sector is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 8.5%. Hence, it is evident that call centre audits in India would also be in great demand as organizations would want to measure the quality of their call centres.


Let us explore why call centres have doubled down after COVID:


1. Enables corporations to focus on their core business activities

As an organization scales, it has to focus on certain core activities. These include refining existing business processes, improving the quality of offerings, and enhancing distribution channels. Although delivering effective customer services is essential, an organization might not want to shift towards hiring and training call centre executives or setting up in-house call centres. It would rather in-house the centre's activity to a credible call centre, and conduct call centre audits to oversee performance. Thus an organization can focus on innovating its offerings, optimizing its sales funnel and managing resources. Incidentally, an Economist study revealed that outsourcing could increase productivity by 10-100 times.


2. Offer multilingual support to your international customers

Customers enjoy communicating in their preferred language. They are likely to be delighted if a service provider offers that facility. In fact, upon interviewing customer service leaders in a study, 71.5% admitted that using customers' native language increased their satisfaction with the support. 58.4% even mentioned that it boosted customer loyalty. Offering call centre support in different languages is highly challenging and costly in-house. Instead, you can outsource it to an agency that can conduct its call centre audits. Communicating with your customers in their native language helps solve their queries faster and makes them feel closely associated with your brand.


3. Outsourcing costs less money

Hiring talent is expensive, especially if it is not to expand your core operations team:

  1. You have to run a hiring campaign to get applications your way.
  2. Your human resources team filters them and takes them through several interviews while rejecting irrelevant candidates in each round.
  3. When you onboard them, it is time to get them started with the work.
  4.  In addition, they might also expect other perks that usually come along with a full-time job offer.

Comparatively, outsourcing is much more affordable in the long run. A study shows that outsourcing work can save at least 70% on labour costs.


4. Domain Expertise and technology upgradation

2023 is the era of upgradation. New software updates come out every few months; sometimes, you must upgrade your machines to run them smoothly. Technology costs almost 49% of expenses for most companies. As communication is their core business, call centre companies always have the latest techno terms of both hardware and software. By outsourcing your call centre support, you can let the BPO experts handle everything, including hiring the right team, training them, keeping the infrastructure updated, and delivering outstanding customer support.

5. Provide support round the clock

67% of people usually hang up the call just because they don't get to talk to a real person directly. After COVID-19, people are more used to faster response and quick complaint resolution. To provide 24/7 support, you will need to run night shifts or set up offices in other countries.


Hence, outsourcing customer service to a reliable company that provides call centre services is far more convenient, efficient and affordable. You can implement call centre audits in India to maintain excellence.


As the world slowly but surely reverts to normalcy, organizations may continue to work with call centres and scale them up. The Government of India has recently liberalized specific guidelines for voice-based compliance requirements. This will undoubtedly act as a fillip to growing WFH outsourced centres.