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What is Sample Size –

Sample size, a fundamental element in market research, denotes the number of participants included in a survey, study, or experiment. When dealing with extensive populations, obtaining responses from all individuals is unfeasible, making random sampling essential to represent the entire group.

Understanding sample sizes involves three key terms:

1. Population size: Population size represents the overall number of people in the group being studied. For example, if you were conducting a random sample across the India, the population size would be slightly over 1.428 billion.
2. Margin of error: A percentage indicating how closely survey results reflect the overall population's views. A smaller margin of error means a closer approximation to the exact answer at a given confidence level.
3. Sampling confidence level: A percentage representing the level of confidence that the population's answer falls within a specific range. For instance, a 95% confidence level indicates 95% certainty that the results lie between x and y numbers

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