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An Outlook on the Changing Customer Experience Trends

On 02 Mar, 2019 | No comments

~~By Shrishti Giri~~

Here are some of the aspects that the organizations are looking for or have already implemented in their system:

Care for the Customer:

Industries from the Health Insurance sector are now customizing their services and products with a strong motive to be actually there for the customers and prioritize their needs. The major hindrance that occurs in seeking health insurance is during the time-consuming documentation that the customers face at the time of discharge and policy purchase. So keeping such problems in mind organizations are now planning to or have already hired a dedicated care manager who would help the customers throughout in the documentation and policy purchase process.  Most added advantage towards this innovation is these managers will be available both physically and virtually to ensure a smooth and seamless health insurance process.

Being Proactive

Another major aspect that has come into the scenario and various industry leaders are working on it is to make their system proactive to simplify customer efforts. The thought that invoked proactivity is to prevent customers from reaching out to call centers because it is the most tedious task to do. The system will be built with such technology which will detect the issues beforehand and notify with a resolution.

Mapping Customer Journeys

The transition from offline to online seems easy and same for both these channels but after actually mapping and capturing customer journeys through both channels many organizations have identified many loopholes and issues which become the reason why customers drop off in between.  Steps and processes followed on physical touchpoints differ somewhere or the other when tried online and that creates the mismatch between the customers and the brand. So, mapping and making both the channels easy and seamless to explore for the customers is the major trend to enhance customer engagement and improve interaction.

Omnichannel or Multichannel?

The confusion still persists and often leads to customer dissatisfaction. Wherein multichannel experience means the presence of the brand on all the channels (offline and online), omnichannel conveys a lot more beyond just this. It not only implies brand presence everywhere but it means providing the same experience throughout. If a customer reaches out to the brand through email he/she must get the same treatment on call without making him/her repeat the problems again and again. A disconnect in the follow-up leads to an irritated and unhappy customer.

Knowing the customer experience at each and every touchpoint is important to create an enhanced customer journey completely in the favour of customers. Personalizing the interactions is important to make customers happy.

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