Chatbots-Importance and Their Right Use In Enhancing CX

Feb. 20, 2023

Chatbots-Importance and Their Right Use In Enhancing CX

--By Parul Ghiya--

Chatbots work as personal assistants and are integrated into many chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and text messages. The intention behind using chatbots is to increase the interactions between any user and software and to simplify the process of finding answers to some routine questions. They are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world.

 Here are a few genuine reasons for the growing importance of chatbots in customer journeys:

1. Chatbots are 24*7 available for customer support: Customer support is enhanced many times with the help of chatbots. They can be programmed to answer repetitive questions automatically and forward the request to a real person when a more complicated action is needed. This allows the respective agent to focus more on important cases rather than on the initial queries.

2. Customer Service Improvement through Analytics and Data Collection: Chatbots can record metrics, data, and trends to subsequently monitor interactions and adjust their processes and responses accordingly.

3. Cost Saving: Implementing a fully functional chatbot, is much cheaper and faster than creating a cross-platform app or hiring employees for each task.

4. Chatbots create more informed customers: the fact is that many employees are not attentive enough to each client due to the general load and tiredness, lack of important information and knowledge, or irresponsibility. Chatbots have no such problems. Moreover, they allow for attracting more clients in a more personalized way.

5. Allows relevant push notifications: If you bombard your customers with irrelevant notifications, you may cause distractions. Chatbots are becoming very helpful in sending personalized notifications to customers based on their needs. A chatbot plays a vital role in conveying the right updates to customers regarding your business and helps in seeking information about your users.

6. Accelerate Operations: Chatbots are not bound by limitations, like the way human agents are. For occurrence; human agents can handle only limited conversations, whereas chatbots operate beyond that human limit. Chatbot solutions help in boosting efficiency and reduce effort and cost. And this leads you to enter new markets. Chatbots are here to stay, marketing analysts are finding that chatbots are changing their careers in fascinating ways. Chatbots are becoming more advanced every day proving to be the most disruptive forces in the profession.

As QDegrees strives to bring in customer delight, we dig out ways to empower our clients to exceed the expectations of their end customers. As discussed, chatbots are changing the front end of the digital CX realm, there are possibilities that these AI-based bots do not pick up right every time or can be applied everywhere in the system. We come forward to consult businesses on how, when, and where to make the right use of technology. Fetching only the conversations is not enough, analysing and working on them pave the way to insights and potential opportunities.

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