Customer Complaint Management Strategies Needed In 2022

Sep. 22, 2022

Customer Complaint Management Strategies Needed In 2022

When dealing with customers, you also have to be geared up to deal with their complaints. Even the finest companies face the challenge of catering to their individual customers' needs. Businesses need to comprehend the complaints in a manner that helps them to foresee and prevent flaws in their products and services. Therefore, teaching functional complaint management and customer experience management (CXM) in businesses could be helpful in the long run.

Providing a smooth customer experience is the need of the hour, especially to retain your existing customers. Neglecting or mismanaging complaints could lead you to a battle of even risking your customer base. Thus, applying the best CXM services in India helps boost customer satisfaction and engagement, thus contributing to your Net Promoter Score (NPS). About 83% of customers feel committed and loyal to brands that attend to their complaints.


Here are the 3 best practices a business can adopt to nurture productive complaint management solutions.


Soon after a complaint is filed, everyone in the team should be aware of the details of the issue. The team members should be trained well on the complaints and their resolution. Asking customers to explain their complaints repeatedly could set a wrong impression on the company. As an example of customer complaints being acted upon, Bank of America dropped its fee after customers complained about the extra monthly charge deducted from debit cardholders.


Social media is the most potent weapon we have today. Not only has customer management witnessed a revolution but so has been an improvement in the overall customer experience in India, owing to the increasing adoption of social media.  An upset customer can express their dissatisfaction on social media by virtually tagging their brands of concern. However, companies' automated replies on any platform, be it Twitter or email, can worsen things. 48% of customers expect their complaints to be heard on social media within 24 hours. In such situations, a complaint management system can help. Alternatively, NPS Solutions in India could be another way to detect customer experiences. Many companies like Starbucks have hired social media teams that spontaneously reply to customers' queries online and attend to their complaints as soon as possible.


The trick to making the best CXM services in India work is to solve problems beforehand by offering customers exactly what they need before they resort to complaining. Constructive communication with customers by speaking their language could be an added advantage. After all, the customer is the king. Mismanaging a complaint could cost one or more customers too. About 40% of customers intend to have an honest conversation with a natural person instead of a crafted voice when dealing with typical issues such as payments. Adobe and Spotify make sure they tend to listen to their customers instead of solving their problems over an automated voice.


Complaints don't have a hardcore destination; they can come to you through multiple sources. A complaint management process helps address the complaint, resolve it, and benefit the customers. It significantly enhances customer service. Globally, companies attend customer service questions 85% of the time. However, customer experience in India is valued the most after Singapore, the US, Britain, and Japan.

Solving a problem also means ensuring that necessary measures are taken to prevent them. It is where NPS comes into the picture. In addition to collecting metrics from customer experience programs, they also gather data on their customers' loyalty toward them. There are plenty of NPS Solutions in India that assist in the process.


Many businesses aim at turning unsatisfied customers into content ones with the least effort. The need to attend to grievances and customer complaints is the first step towards it. Regardless of how unhappy customers are, they need you to resolve their problems. Thus, offering the best possible solution, even with customization, is the only way ahead.