How Chatbots Will Transform Customer Experience In 2022

Dec. 26, 2022

How Chatbots Will Transform Customer Experience In 2022

Over the past decade, a domain that has evolved after the advent of AI is customer experience in India through computerized catboats. Chabot-based customer interaction systems are known for their human-like communication experience.

80% of all customers getting their queries solved by Chabot’s hold a positive response about their experience. This can boost your NetPromoter Score (NPS) . The NPS survey in India says that your company excels in CX services if your NPS ranges between 30 to 100.



Chatbots are smart communication windows that lead customers to quick solutions for different queries. When there are multiple distinct ways of asking a question, conversationally intelligent chatbots can easily comprehend the demand raised and answer efficiently.

This is where Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques come into play. Food service companies like Zomato and Swiggy have developed robust conversationally fluent chatbots to significantly improve their customer satisfaction levels and hence, their NPS.


Chatbots working on text and MCQ bubbles are common. But the advanced feature of recognizing the human voice, decoding its audio into an order, and executing the command is now grabbing the attention of popular firms. Voice-driven chatbots make the user experience seem so natural that customers often prefer it to textual communication.

The best examples around are Siri and Alexa, standing a class apart owing to the factors of convenience, speed, and customization that they offer. From websites to mobile applications, IVR can bring about a drastic change in CX services in India.


Another advancement in chatbot technology is the integration of customer-inputted data with data analytics to extract patterns from the said text. For instance, suppose that you are a regular customer at Domino’s and prefer ordering from their food delivery application. Over a certain period, the chatbot will start observing the repetitiveness of your order, the choice of food according to the weekday, the beverages ordered, etc. Soon, it will the l start giving you suggestions based on its smart predictions, making your order placement experience quicker, simpler, and merrier!

Such chatbots can help generate and follow up on leads. Apart from superior user follow upon, it can give your business an upper hand in issue resolution and CX services in India.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have seen a tremendous spike in the volume of audiences in the past decade. This means that audience the intelligence of chatbots with the power of social media, your marketing efforts and customer relationship management will both be taken care of efficiently.

From product queries to procedural doubts, from purchase complaints to order repetition, virtual assistants can automate your operations to a remarkable level. Your reach will get multiplied when you take the help of platforms like Facebook to deploy chatbots. Collect data about your customers, publicize your brand, and pull off your customer retention strategies with utmost ease. The NPS survey in India has shown that the Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd. group has improved its customer experience using such chatbots.

Revolutionary Use Cases of Chatbots in 2022

With the current rate of increase in AI for developing smart chatbots, innovative use cases of chatbots to transform CX services in India are coming up.

One of them is FAQ-focused chatbots, especially in insurance companies, for resolving all queries related to different claims under different conditions, market rules, age-related criteria, and documentation. Such chatbots can also be trained to lead the customer through the documentation and payment processing procedures.

Another area of focus is browsing time. You can get everything that you’re looking for within a few clicks. Moreover, through data analytics, chatbot solutions like Teplar also use various insights for personalized recommendations. Chatbots have also begun giving out push notifications to users to nudge them into using the application.


AI and its powerful ability to revolutionize human lives and businesses have proven their potential to transform otherwise manually-operated domains into completely automated functionalities. With more market focus turning toward a digitally controlled consumer space, more companies must look to adopt chatbots into their system to see their customer satisfaction levels rise.