How Loyalty and Consistent Experience are Interrelated With Respect to Customer Experience?

Feb. 15, 2023

How Loyalty and Consistent Experience are Interrelated With Respect to Customer Experience?

--By Aradhana Mathur--

Today, customer experience has emerged as the “new brand” in every industry, as it can position the company as a customer’s favorite, which would affect its market position positively & generate revenue. Enhancing & maintaining customer experience with the target audience has become a top agenda for every organization to beat their respective competitors in every industry.

Customer loyalty is one of the ways to gauge how impactful customer experience has been. The equation is simple: the more effective the customer experience is, the more loyal customers are created for such service. Loyal customers also act as “brand ambassadors” of the company, as they spread positive word of mouth, and bring in more customers closer to the company, without spending way too much on various marketing activities.

Whatever kind of services any company is providing, it is imperative to maintain a consistent experience across every communication channel they are present and with every customer who happens to communicate to the company at whichever touchpoint, such as social media, chat windows, calls made to customer support, etc.

Is customer loyalty & consistent customer experience related to each other? The answer is, yes. Here, let’s get a closer look to see how consistent experience affects loyalty.

Consistency throughout multiple channels

Every customer interaction which occurs on any channel matters for delivering a memorable customer experience. Hence, consistency across the customer life cycle is required to create brand loyalty in customers’ minds.

Giving them the option to connect with the company through multiple channels, is just a half measure. But to deliver consistent quality customer service and support across channels is what will make the entire process effective.

Being consistent in keeping promises

Every company makes a promise about its services provided. For instance, Amazon’s mission statement has always been centered around its primary focus i.e, its customers. Since its inception till date, they have been successful through its customer-centric programs such as free two-day shipping, streaming movies, music & series, and grocery delivery (Amazon Prime) as they aim to make customers’ lives easier in just about every area. By carrying out such programs, they win customers’ loyalty, which further enhances their experience as well.

Understanding customer requirements.

The concept of “one size fits all” doesn’t necessarily apply to each & every employee/customer, as their requirements vary. Hence, at certain events, it is important to pay heed to customer requirements carefully & meet their requirements effectively. By doing so, organization earn their loyalty, maintain their status of providing “consistent services” & create a good experience in customers’ minds.

Hence, creating a good, memorable customer experience acts as a key differentiator for the brand amongst its rivals, as every customer now has an alternate option available, which makes their loyalty to a particular brand or company questionable. Therefore, creating a consistent service experience ensures strong loyalty as the customer must have been satisfied with the services received by him/her, enhancing their experience & expectations associated with the brand or company.