How Mystery Shopping Can Enhance CX For Ecommerce Players?

Jan. 12, 2023

How Mystery Shopping Can Enhance CX For Ecommerce Players?

8:00 am: The alarm goes off.

It is a regular work day for Quetin. She is a Mystery Shopper for an E-Commerce company. Today, she is going to focus on a new feature, introduced by the Ecommerce site. She has a detailed questionnaire to be filled out after she finishes her shopping experience. The questionnaire has been sent by the client and is a repository of all the feedback needed to create an exemplary shopping experience, for customer. Quetin’s work for the last 5 years has contributed immensely to the business growth and has enhanced the customer experience.

If you are an E-Commerce company, you may want to invest in a business model which incorporates a budget for Mystery Shopping.

Your e-commerce website needs to be reviewed and reviewed again: this cannot be reiterated enough. Ecommerce companies flourish (or fail) on the mettle of the customer experience they provide, and reviewing the shopping process repeatedly is the best way to achieve this. But it isn’t enough to review and test your site internally. After all, you know your site! It needs to be tested by an experienced user, and the consumer insights they offer may surprise you.


Mystery shoppers are your everyday people who can be recruited to use the services of your company and provide feedback on their experiences. It’s common for Ecommerce companies to use such a service to see how the customer experience delivers on their brand promise. It also ensures higher standards and consistency across their entire company. Mystery shopping has originally been used by the retail sector for ‘real world-physical shopping’, experiences. It has a proven record of being an effective and a successful strategy for chain stores to test and monitor what goes on in their many physical location stores and ensure standards are maintained in every store.

Mystery shopping works extremely well in the online retail environment. It serves the same purpose of identifying areas of improvement and ensuring the customer experience matches what the brand promises. Mystery shoppers will give you feedback on their interaction with your brand online and if it matches up to the experience your brand wants customers to have with their online presence. Because mystery shoppers are your everyday people with no relation to your company, it’s a good way to assess a customer’s typical experience.

When your mystery shopping provide detailed feedback on their experiences, you’ll get a clear window into what the average consumer experience is when they shop with your service. You will also gain clear data points about how simple website functionality is to use and which parts of it need improvement, how fast the item is delivered and what is impression the customer is left with. All this information can be fed back into the business to improve it for future customers.

What to do? : Mystery Auditing Services

It’s a great and a very effective practice to keep testing your Ecommerce Company website, not just at the time when you make changes to it but throughout the lifetime of your website. Ecommerce retailers cannot rest on their past successes – they must to keep testing the customer journey and enhancing it. Even if your Ecommerce website doesn’t change, your customers will change and evolve, as they are exposed to what your competitors are doing and become more experienced online shoppers.

The physical shopping experience has come to an almost standstill- owing to the Covid-19 crisis. This is the time and space to create a revolutionary online shopping experience for your customers. And Mystery Shopping for Ecommerce is the revolutionary method which guarantees not just better customer experience but a clear shift in business growth and brand evolution.

Quentin is ready. She has spent over two hours shopping online and has some interesting consumer insights to share with the Ecommerce Company. She looks at herself not just as a Mystery Shopper but as someone who has the opportunity and experience to add great value to the brand of the Ecommerce Company. She believes she is a change maker.

Are you ready to introduce a change making model for your brand?

We think you are.