Key Factors Contributing to CX Experience at Call Centre

Feb. 20, 2023

Key Factors Contributing to CX Experience at Call Centre

--By Sakshi Vijay--

Today, you enter any store and you’ll look for someone who gives you personal attention. So, what are your expectations when it comes to telecom or says, online services which you use?  


“Forbes describes customer experience as the ‘cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints’ throughout a customer’s interaction with an organization”. To simplify in common words, customer needs effective and efficient solutions from the organization’s end which makes customer happy and keep them intact with the organization.

Key factors contributing to CX's Experience at the call centre:

1. Know what customer wants: Even for the smallest issues, people directly call the customer service number for solutions and that’s when call centres have to make sure they have up-to-date solutions ready for the customer. This kind of quick service makes customers happy and he/she spreads the good word about your company.

2. Interactive experience: To give your customer a valid reason to stick to your company, it’s really important to listen to your customer as it will make them believe that “somebody is here to listen to their problems”, as half of the issues get resolved once you listen to the people.

3. Availability of spokesmen: Your call centre must have the availability of the same spokesperson, who once communicated to a customer as it gets irritating when the customer has to repeat their problems again & again to different people.

4. Smooth digital solutions: Customers have a perception that customer care services resolve their issues quickly and always have solutions to their problems to stand strong in the market, an organization should continue to stay justified in the perception of their customers.  

5. Adapt CRM: To give a personal touch to your customers, go for CRM as it helps an organization to retain customers and drive sales growth.

6. Quality scorecard for a call centre: To keep up with an organization’s name on top, one must make sure that the quality of service should not degrade.

To enhance CX, you may also adapt to technologies like ACD(Automatic call distributor), Voice biometric and more like these which make your work simplified and it helps your company to achieve its goal and target.
David J. Greer says, “A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times than that which you write or say about yourself”.

I would conclude if you wish to keep growing make sure you stick to your current customers by working on their expectations and also attracting new ones. By working on these factors call centre can run smoothly and your customers will keep coming back to you.  Therefore, we shall grow with our customers today and always.