Reimagine People With Artificial Intelligence-Transforming the Phase of Human Resource

Feb. 13, 2023

Reimagine People With Artificial Intelligence-Transforming the Phase of Human Resource

--By Tripti Sharma--

It’s rightly said that "create an environment where employees can bring their whole self to work and not just make a living but also have a life. Create an environment with AI where every employee can grow with you. AI is a technology that requires some level of intelligence, trained to do what humans can do. What makes AI different from ordinary software is its high-speed computation capabilities, a huge amount of quality data, and advanced algorithms that can help organizations to create an environment where every employee can grow. Merging AI into HR administration functions is a trending topic for discussion among companies today.

What Organizations are Doing today?

To take an example one of the renowned financial service subsidiaries of a well-known bank has launched a WhatsApp-based virtual assistant to enhance customer experience by using Chatbot services, responding to customer needs quickly and effectively. The same is being used to provide a more personalized employee experience by using predictive analytics to recommend professional development or career paths. AI is fueling HR’s transition from administrative to vision strategic. AI can be effectively woven into the entire employee lifecycle, starting with recruitment and onboarding to development and growth to provide personalized customer experience.

Are data-driven decisions possible?

Today a lot of HR-related work is still dependent on using manual methods to draw insights from data which causes a delay in decision-making. With the use of AI, HR can extract insights from data and deliver recommendations in real-time. Natural language generation is software that can transform data into data-driven text automatically which makes it a valuable asset for HR. Decisions driven by AI are more consistent and unbiased and decisions could be made with UpToDate information.

How AI can be used in 5 crucial areas of HR?

1. In recruitment: AI helps in creating inclusive job descriptions and reviews them for gender-coded language.

2. In Human capital management: People analytics, HR service delivery/virtual assistant for self-service.

3. In Employee Engagement: real-time feedback forms, intelligent surveys, and personalized messages and communication.

4. In Employee benefits: benefits personalization, automation, communication, and compliance

5. In Learning and Development: personalized learning pathways, eLearning analytics, and conversational interfaces.


The meaning of the word “Happy” differs from employee to employee, companies need to understand that there exists emotional diversity, for some employees a “Happy initiative” is maybe through yoga classes or playing games but that may not deliver the kind of experience to employees as what they were expecting. Companies must understand that happiness requires personalization, it’s about individualizing experiences at work. AI will allow HR to personalize employee experience, automate repetitive low-value tasks, and increase focus on more strategic work. Implications of AI will not only help HR in saving time but also make them more creative and strategic towards their work. To bring more humanity to the HR function it’s high time that humans stop doing robotic tasks and let AI do its work.

Technology is not a cure-all solution for every problem that you face, AI is just a tool that can be useful when correctly built and applied to a problem or situation.