The 5 Biggest Customer Experience Trends In 2022

Dec. 26, 2022

The 5 Biggest Customer Experience Trends In 2022

Over the last couple of decades, several companies have been increasing their focus on customer relationship management. From customer service for issue resolution to the user interface on the homepage of their website, businesses have begun realizing the importance of customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) have a major role to play in this upward graph for CX in India.



Customer service in India has shaped itself to be as personalized as possible. Companies have begun using artificial intelligence models and implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to figure out patterns in customer demands to serve them exactly what they want within a few clicks. Even lead generation and marketing strategies have included personalized emails addressing the customer by their first names, wishing loyal customers on their special occasions, giving them duct suggestions based on their likes and dislikes, etc.
The Amazon recommendation engine is a classic example of personalized
 CX services in India. It observes patterns in your order and suggests related products to make surfing easy for you. This has worked so well for Amazon that it accounts for 35% of its total revenue generated!


It so happens that when a brand is spread across multiple social media channels, it picks up different data from the same user. From social media posts to emails, live chats to pattern recognition, customer and experience can become inconsistent and create friction. To avoid this, providing customer experience by leveraging an omnichannel strategy is gaining importance.
An Omnichannel data collection strategy puts your brand across as authentic since you put up a common front across media and your customer service becomes a satisfactory experience for all.


Many businesses have begun turning to completely automated customer services like doubt resolution through calls, website interaction through chatbots, and automated online payment processing options. Automated operations save time, improve productivity and provide effective solutions. They work on NLP and sentiment analysis techniques to bring about the best customer-shaped response.
In 2022, possible innovations in this domain can be voice-enabled automated assistants in stores that guide you through the aisles and lead you to the product you need. Billing systems could be made automated to ensure ease of shopping experience and leave the customer satisfied. Foodservice or travel brands can also Foodservice customer service to place orders and book tickets with ease.


The advanced domain of IoT devices like Fitbits, smart bracelets, smart posture trainers, etc. has made customer service in India a blessing. These devices automatically collect your data and use patterns to suggest improvements in your lifestyle to provide critical insights. For instance, the Apple Watch can track your heart rate, monitor your movements, remind you about your workouts, and even record how long you were standing during the day.
Not just wearables, IoT devices are revolutionizing the sectors of finance, agriculture, security, fashion, and even education by providing top-notch ease-of-use benefits. Statist predicts that the number of smart home-related devices adopted globally will have increased by 26% from 2021 to 2025.


As the time spent by people on their phones is increasing every day, more people are watching videos online. This is the opportunity video marketing strategies can take advantage of. Through video marketing, you can educate consumers in an interesting, captivating manner.
Indeed, 87% of global video marketers say that video marketing strategies give better ROI and lead to happier audience reactions. With customer experience beginning before even the product is used, you can build a strong, loyal customer base for yourself through this smart strategy.


The NPS survey in India is based on customer experience and satisfaction levels. As time passes, companies need to perceive customer experience as a competitive advantage.