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The Technical Aspects of User Experience

On 12 Aug, 2019 | No comments

--By Tripti Sharma--

THE ESSENCE OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE IS CHOOSING “WHAT NOT TO DO”. Someone is tracking your every move 24*7 Wonder! So, are you thinking in the same direction as what I am?

Probably YES!

UX is the connection, emotion, intuition, experience a user feels when using a site or a product. That includes everything, starting from the users having interactions with marketing (i.e. website, social media, blog, etc.) and sales, to upgrading their product subscription (ex: SaaS) and leveraging with more features and benefits.

The demand for UX is increasing as organizations are in rush to create those products that put client needs before business needs. Big organizations have large UX and design teams who focus solely on enhancing or providing the best possible experience by mapping customer journey.

But what if you and your business doesn’t have necessary resources to hire a UX designer to review your product or services. What next then?


To deliver value to the user a product design takes the outer six elements i.e. useful, usable, findable, credible, accessible and desirable. For example, the fact that technology discussions in today’s world are increasingly centered on topics such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things (IOT). Hence, in order to survive in market, enriching and engaging user experience has become the need of an hour. So, stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited about what could go right and think beyond your own imagination.

Have you ever thought of what a smart bulb can do that regular bulb cannot?

Philips has recently introduced the Hue lighting system in which you can change the color combination of your bulb that can even match the tones in a photo that you upload via the app. Isn’t it something really interesting to discover more about?

It’s the light of curiosity, creativity and the innovation that is burning among the organizations to remain competitive in market. Have you ever thought that why Oreo is ahead of the marketing game, capturing audience’s attention in such a less time?

Simple formula of Oreo’s success is its creativity + interactive UX design.

Explore a 360° interactive world filled with rich, cocoa treats by Oreo, where they are using VR marketing campaign. It takes curious confectioners on a whimsical journey through a “wonder vault”. After being transported through a life size Oreo cookie portal, you move into a magical land filled with milk rivers and the brands latest creation, filled cupcake flavored Oreos. A simple strategy can be followed in the most innovative manner. If you win you can lead but if you lose you can guide.

Personas, SEO, design patterns, wireframes, prototypes, user surveys, interface testing, user flows and technical reviews provide some metrics which can be daunting but prove to be initially valuable tools that can be used to create best in class user experience.

UX is not only important for digital products but certainly for complex sites or applications, retail or online sales. It doesn’t matter how your app or website looks like if people don’t know how to interact with it. It’s important to enjoy that interaction, then the only momentum will be established that will propel the businesses to grow.

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