Voice Of Customer- Know What Your Customers Are Saying

Feb. 22, 2023

Voice Of Customer- Know What Your Customers Are Saying

As we all strive daily to make customers happy and loyal, we know what we do, which contributes to one side of the story, i.e. inside out, but is our outside-in story also talking the same? This is where the Voice of Customers becomes important. VoC provides valuable insights into product improvement, brand perception, and customer expectations. A well-designed VoC program, when aligned with business goals, can bring a 360-degree view of the service/product in the discussion. The bottom line is that every service/product is created to be consumed by customers. Customers accept/reject at their will. Analytics is very important for extrapolating, predicting, and evaluating the spread. The data captured through various online platforms, surveys, reviews and even face-to-face interviews is a gold mine. If analyzed properly, this can pave the way to many potential opportunities and areas of improvement. 

What is the Voice of Customer?

The voice of the customer is a customer’s desire, expectation or statement made on products, services or the brands as a whole.

Why do organizations need VoC programs?

A VoC program is not limited only to capturing customer views and opinions. It is a round process that can be customized for employees, B2B clients, end customers, dealers, and more. The customized questionnaire prepared accordingly gives an insight into the perceptions, expectations and moments of truth. Conducting timely VoC programs helps the organizations to know the dynamic customer demands and understand the changing market trends, basis which they can do the action planning for future amendments. Not only enhancing customer experience, but VoC insights also help improve marketing and branding activities by giving a foolproof competitive analysis. 

Digitization of VoC programs - promises for tomorrow 

Tech-driven VoC capturing solutions provide a single robust dashboard with drilled-down reports explaining in-depth reasons for the churn(if any), customer dissatisfaction or satisfaction and much more. 

Steps to a successful VoC program?

Four steps define VoC analysis:

-Custom designed questionnaire

-Experience capturing

-Experience rating

-Analysis and dashboards

These steps make the entire VoC process divided into subparts customized according to industries and organizations. QDegrees has been creating tailor-made programs with a blend of technology and human intelligence. With the right use of Digitization tools and technology, we have been able to analyze data in the form of comments, reviews and feedback through machine learning to categorize various comments as positive, negative or neutral.

Analyzing the voice of the customer is the way to know who your customers are and whether you are delivering to their expectations. Get in touch with our expert consultants to know more.