What Are the Different Types of Loyal Customers?

Sep. 26, 2023

What Are the Different Types of Loyal Customers?

A brand is established with many elements, one of which is customers. Customers are one of the most critical assets of a brand. But what's better than just customers are loyal customers.

Loyal customers for a brand are like the cherry on top. Compared to a regular customer, a loyal customer comes with additional perks. The first thing is the repeating orders that increase the CLV or Customer Lifetime Value over time.

However, there are many types of loyal customers that you need to understand to make essential improvements in your process. It requires you to make changes at multiple points to make your service appealing to the customers. So, let's understand the types of loyal customers and how to identify the points for improvement to enhance customer loyalty

Five Types of Loyal Customers

Satisfied Loyal Customers

The first type is as simple as it sounds. These customers become loyal as you successfully satisfy their needs. Simply said, they get what they expect, and add-on discounts and offers make them feel more profited with the deal. 

Convenience Loyal Customers

Convenience from many customers is more important than other features. Some customers need their products as early as they can be delivered, with an easy and smooth buying journey. These customers can easily be made loyal by setting up your stores at easy-to-reach locations. If you are an online brand, you can work on making your buying experience smooth, along with a well-developed delivery channel. 

Loyalty Program Loyal Customers

The third of the kind is Loyalty program loyalty. These customers feel good when they can get offers and deals for shopping more than others. Moreover, instead of running only a point-based loyalty program, you should add prior entries to sales and offer a personalized experience to them to make them feel special. 

Low-price Loyal Customers

Low-price loyals are simply those customers who want the product or service at the lowest price. However, you must maintain the quality of the product to lower costs, as it will not work. Instead, you will have to make them believe that your product is value for money over time. It takes time and capital to invest to convert low-price loyal to genuinely loyal, but once you conquer them, they will soon become profitable for you.

Truly Loyal Customers

The best of the kind of loyal customers are truly loyal customers. However, they are mostly less in count as it requires much more effort to make a Customer truly Loyal to your brand. From the product or service to the delivery and after-sales service or customer service, it should be good enough to make them feel that they are your priority. A personalized marketing approach is also a key element in creating such customers.

How to Make Customers Loyal to Your Brand?

Now that you know the types of loyal customers, let's understand how to get loyal customers. You'll find out the need for a change in multiple points. Not gaining loyal customers is because your customer service is not optimized well. There will be many implementations to do and corrections as well. When you identify these areas of improvement, you can make changes to gain loyal customers.

But how will you know these points of improvement? The best way is to gain reviews from customers. But there's a catch: you can't get a structured form of data. Since customer reviews are often limited to the product and its delivery, these reviews lack a lot of areas to review. So, how do you cover those areas and get reviews in a structured manner? Here's a solution. 

How to Get On-point Reviews with Mystery Shopping Service by QDegrees?

QDegrees offers a very unique service called Mystery Shopping. It is a service where they send Mystery Shoppers to your online or offline shops to identify the gaps in customer service. 

The advantage of service is that you get shoppers with the essential attributes needed to enhance customer service.

Here's how Mystery Shopping service helps businesses:

1. Mystery Shoppers checks the awareness of the brand's guidelines between staff. 

2. They evaluate the brand's outlet for its presentation and observe the staff's behavior and selling skills. They also look at the product's quality as it matters the most. 

3. Mystery shoppers also evaluate the accuracy and honesty of the response from the staff, especially those who deal with the after-sales service.

Once the mystery shoppers finish the store audit, they provide honest experiences with the staff and overall feedback about the store. After that, a detailed audit report highlights where your customer service lags. Since the audit is done from the perspective of customers, it provides a very accurate and detailed explanation of problems rather than just statistical data. 

Wrapping Up

To sum up, customer experience can broadly be considered the area where you must focus the most to gain loyal customers. Moreover, investing your time and capital into such research is a good use as you'll be getting one of the most essential assets out of it. 

QDegrees Mystery Shopping service will help you get meaningful reviews from trained customers. Instead of only focusing on the product and its delivery, QDegrees Mystery Shoppers inspect every area that plays a role in customer experience and helps you improve user experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Hire them now!