Why Excellent Customer Service is The Need of the Hour?

Feb. 20, 2023

Why Excellent Customer Service is The Need of the Hour?

--By Shrishti Giri--

Customers are forever to stay but to retain them to one particular brand, customer services of that brand or organization should be up to the mark. Branding, advertising, and marketing of the organizations can still be kept for later consideration but their customer service strategies need to be exceptionally good. Once the customers experience poor service they might not return to that particular brand. This situation automatically affects the processes of the organization. Looking at the growing need for better customer service, organizations need to focus on improving their services to enhance customer experience through relevant and prompt actions.

Let’s have a look at what all problems can bad customer service put a business into:

Poor customer service means a poor reputation

Today, every customer is digitally active, thanks to social media and its outreach. If any poor service is experienced by the customers today, there are maximum chances that they come out with their views on public platforms. Negative comments or poor reviews related to any business may lead to unsatisfied customers, lack of customer retention, and course, loss of sales and revenue. If any business has an extended streak of complaints it will eventually impact the company’s reputation and prestige. Not only the internet, but word of mouth is also yet another source that can affect in every way because when customers will observe a bad experience they will talk about it with friends, colleagues, and family.

Fewer chances of lead conversion

It happens so many times that whenever we call any customer service center to register a complaint, enquire about the services, or clear our queries we are asked to hold or wait in the queue. What happens next? We probably disconnect and try it again but if it remains the same we never return to that brand or organization. Customer service is not only for the existing customers; it includes interaction with prospects and leads too. Poor customer service skills lead to conversions. Therefore, to convert leads there is a strong need for good and responsive customer service.

Loyal customers might disappear

Acquiring more customers is important but retaining existing customers needs much more effort. Bad customer service can decrease the average lifetime of the customer’s relationship with the company leading to looking out for more new customers that would affect the marketing budget and cost the companies even more.

Businesses can even lose the best employees

Poor customer service not only reduces the number of customers but can also make businesses lose their employees. It’s quite clear from the above-mentioned scenario that bad customer service directly impacts the reputation of the company about which the best employees of the company may think of switching to a better organization.

Providing the best service to the customers does not mean improving only the call centers and customer care operations but it implies mapping and analyzing their end-to-end journey and attending to the customers at every touch point. The best way to solve a poor customer service problem is to prevent them but if it is already there, correct it before it’s too late.